Universal Postal Service

China Post, an important social public utility and an important communication infrastructure to the state, has been all along playing important roles in economic and social development, in guaranteeing citizens’ basic rights of correspondence and in offering universal postal service.

China Post offers a wide range of universal postal serv- -ices covering letters, printed papers, parcels, remittan- -ces etc., and special services such as confidential corre- -spondences communication, circulation of newspapers and periodicals in accordance with regulations of the state, Franco correspondence for the compulsory servic- -emen, literatures for the blind and free delivery of rem- -ained belongings of revolutionary martyrs.

China Post boasts a high level of universal postal serv- -ice for its all-inclusive service categories, uniform and affordable flat rates, numerous service outlets that co- vers the whole country and a delivery network reach- able to every household of the country, which not only satisfies the basic communication needs of all Chinese residents including those who live in cities, rural areas, islands and frontier areas but also plays important roles in ensuring the dissemination of laws and regulations of the government, policies and principles of the Party as well as other information.

By the end of 2011, China Post has altogether 52,000 service outlets among which about 70% are distributed in the rural areas. Our postal services covered 600,000 administrative villages across the country, with the se- -rvice capacity of each of our postal outlet covering 184 square kilometers on average, serving about 26,000 people. The number of mails per capita per year was 5 pcs, and the subscription rate of newspapers and periodicals on per hundred population basis was 11.

In China, the rated delivery times on average are 2 per day for urban areas and 5 per week in the rural areas. In 2011, China Post handled mails of 7.38 billion pcs, including 8.25 million Franco mails for compulsory servicemen and 249 thousand pcs literatures for the blind. In addition, 68.829 million pcs of parcels, 19.039 million confidential mails, 18.17 billion newspapers, 1.08 billion periodicals and 260 million money orders were completed in 2011.