Postal Services

Postal services constitute a main national public utility and national communications infrastructure. They play a significant role in promoting China's national eco-social development, protecting citizen's basic communication rights and providing universal and specialized services.

The main business scope of the China Post includes: domestic and international mail delivery services, circulation of news papers, journals and books, stamp issuing, production and sale of philatelic

collections, postal remittance services, confidential correspondence communication, postal financial services, postal express delivery and logistics services, e-business, a variety of postal agency businesses and other businesses as allowed by the state.

Business List

  • Commercial CorrespondenceProvide clients with comprehensive online services such as direct mail design, purchase of targeted mail lists and direct mail processing and delivery.
  • Newspaper and Magazine SubscriptionsProviding you with precise, fast and reliable subscription services is our main business.
  • Stamp CollectingAn online stamp collecting website sponsored by China National Philately Corporation, provincial philately companies, designed and produced by Beijing Zhongjihuanxun Technology Corporation.
  • Self Designed Greeting CardsProvide users with an online greetings card delivery service and self-designed personalized greetings cards.
  • Ticketing ServicesWith the strong support of China Post, this service enables independent checking and booking of flight tickets, train tickets and long-distance bus tickets.
  •, produced by China Post and the TOM Cooperation, is a unique new shopping platform that combines high-end online shopping and terrestrial retailing.
  • One-stop Payment ServicesChina Post acts as a remittance agent through which to settle various public administration and communic- -ation fees as well as other one-stop services.
  • Driving FreeBased on the China Post e-commerce service platform, Driving Free provides middle and high end customers with comprehensive vehicle agent, business travel, flight ticket, and etiquette services.
  • Postal Parcel for Mothers' ProjectThe project aims to provide disadvantaged women with postal parcels containing daily necessities including toothpaste, towels, scarves, gloves and blankets.
  • Service for Agriculture, Farmers and Rural AreasChina Post has provided various services targeting agriculture, farmers and rural areas.