Postal Savings Bank of China

The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) is a full-service commercial bank supported by its network advantage in urban and rural areas. With a market position to serve agriculture, farmers and rural areas, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and communities, the bank’s social responsibility is to benefit rural and urban areas and the people. The bank has played an active role in promoting the development of the country’s economy and society by making the most of its ‘self-operation + agencies’ advantages. In 2012, the bank’s assets reached 4,900 billion yuan (US$ 797.23 billion), ranking it seventh in the banking industry. That same year also saw the bank’s income reach over 137.6 billion yuan (US$ 22.39 billion), up by 14.9 percent on a year-on-year basis. 

Rural Social Security 

As of the end of 2012, 25 of PSBC’s provincial and municipal branches had participated in the work related to rural social security, benefiting one third of the pilot counties across China. On behalf of the government, it has collected social security fees as many as 30 million times, with the collected fees amounting to more than six billion yuan (US$ 980 million), and paid 21.7 billion (US$ 3.5 billion) in total over the course of 200 million times. It has become the most active financial organization in the business. 

ATM for Farmers 

In cooperation with creditworthy partners, PSBC has expanded its ATM services to rural areas that previously did not have such services. 

Mobile Phone Banking Services 

PSBC has launched ‘Easy Remittance’ mobile phone services for rural residents. Clients are able to withdraw small amounts of cash, remit, and pay bills at post offices. 

Small Loans Products 

For farmers, self-employed people and private business owners in rural areas across the country, PSBC has created the Farmers Joint Guarantee Loan, Farmers Guarantee Loan, Business Owners Joint Guarantee Loan and Business Owners Guarantee Loan. As of the end of 2012, PSBC has distributed 10 million loans worth a total of 650 billion yuan (US$ 106 billion), benefiting more than six million clients. 

Supporting Small- and Micro-Businesses 

As of the end of June 2013, PSBC has distributed loans worth 1,600 billion yuan (US$ 261.28 billion) to small- and micro-businesses. 

Supporting the Country’s Economic Development 

PSBC has taken great efforts to support China’s new strategic industries, key infrastructure construction such as traffic, power grid and railway systems, as well as infrastructure construction in rural and urban areas. By providing loans, it keeps support industries in line with China’s development direction. Meanwhile, it provides financial support for China’s strategy to develop the western regions of the country. As of the end of 2012, PSBC had provided loans worth 149.5 billion yuan (US$ 24.4 billion) to 800,000 clients, up by 23 percent compared to the previous year. 

Support Low-carbon Development 

In 2012, PSBC provided more financial support for energy efficiency, environmental protection and new energy development projects, such as nuclear power, hydropower, wind power, solar power, bioelectrogenesis, garbage recycling, and green coal power. 

In recent years, PSBC has made great efforts to adopt an information-based method, and improve its products and security systems. As of the end of 2012, transactions through PSBC’s e-banking service had reached 850 million, up 109 percent on a year-on-year basis. The amount reached 650 billion yuan (US$ 106 billion), up by 163 percent compared to the year before. 


With a focus on developing urban and rural areas and benefiting the people, PSBC dedicates itself to charity and makes full efforts to carry out its social responsibilities. In 2009, PSBC began recruiting university graduates who have finished serving their terms as village officials. To date, it has recruited 3,000 such graduates and developed a comprehensive talent fostering system. 

Wealth-making Competition 

Since 2010, the PSBC’s Wealth-making Competition has been held four times across China. This year, the competition is themed ‘Happy Wealth-making Path Accompanied by PSBC’. The competition is open to the public and small- and micro-businesses can submit their wealth-making plans. The winner will be awarded a bank loan of up to 20 million yuan (US$ 3.27 million). 

Extended Hours Banking 

In August 2011, a PSBC Beijing branch office extended its business hours from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., making it the first bank to do so for the convenience of its clients. 

In August 2013, a PSBC branch office in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province, also did the same, making it the first bank to adopt the practice in the city. 

TV Banking 

Clients are able to access all the services provided by PSBC through their cable TV. The TV banking system was launched in Beijing in December 2012, making PSBC China’s first bank to adopt this system. 

To date, TV banking has extended its business coverage to 18 provinces and cities and has plans to continue expanding.