Postal Services

In 2012, China Post continued to provide basic postal services, such as delivery of letters and parcels, remittance, stamp collection, circulation of newspapers and magazines, e-commerce, agency services, and distribution services. In 2012, the income from postal services reached 13.14 billion yuan (US$ 2.14 billion), up by seven percent on a year on year basis. The new small parcels service met the urgent needs of the people for online shopping and mailing small and light articles. China Post also made efforts to fulfill its social responsibilities. After providing aid to needy students through the Love Package project, China Post launched the Postal Parcels for Mothers project to provide household daily necessities to disadvantaged mothers. 


In recent years, China Post has developed new postcard products, such as cards with videos embedded in them, customized cards, cards with bookmarks, calendars, flash disks and quick response codes. The latest designed postcard features 3D elements.


WeChat Services

As WeChat, a mobile instant messaging service, has become hugely popular in China’s mainland, China Post has opened a WeChat account to provide convenient services to its users.


Appointed Registered Mail Service

Appointed registered mail service is a new service created by China Post this year based on the traditional registered mail service. To use the service, clients appoint delivery of mail and delivery method by phone call or text message. Currently, the service is mainly used to deliver bank cards and official receipts.

Officially launched in August 2010, has become one of China’s most comprehensive online stores with an annual income of over 500 million yuan (US$ 81.7 million). Currently, the store has nearly 180,000 articles on sale and boasts three million registered users.


Ticketing Services

China Post provides airplane ticketing services across China. Based on this service, it provides hotel bookings, sightseeing suggestions and events ticketing services. It also provides air travel accident insurance sales.

Currently, clients are able to access these services in post offices or by calling the 11185 hotline and visiting China Post’s website.

Payment Services

China Post provides payment services for clients to pay their communication, water, electricity, gas, cable TV bills and taxes.
Driving Free Membership Service

Driving free membership service is a new service created by China Post for its middle and high end clients. Members of the service are able to access discounted products provided by nearly 10,000 products and services providers in cooperation with China Post. They also have access to traffic accident rescue services all over China.

Currently, the service has more than three million members and over 15,000 partners.
Postal SMS Service

Postal SMS Service is a value-added service to provide clients with information on banking, remittance, express delivery and stamp collecting.
Distribution Services

Distribution of newspapers and magazines is one of China Post’s basic services. Through its vast network and postal routes, China Post retails newspapers and magazines or delivers them to subscribers.

China Post has been in the distributing business for more than 60 years. Currently, it distributes more than 12,000 types of newspapers and magazines.
2013 China (Wuhan) Periodicals Fair

China Post was one of the exhibitors at the 2013 China (Wuhan) Periodicals Fair held at the Wuhan International Expo Centre in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, from September 14-16, 2013.

China Post's exhibition booth at the fair, themed ‘Developing a World-level Newspaper and Periodical Distribution Platform’, covered an area of 540 square meters divided into three sections, including the products exhibition area, business negotiation area, and personal postal products making area.

The China (Wuhan) Periodical Fair, organized by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, Hubei Province People's Government and China Post Group Corporation, is the only national-level, international and comprehensive periodical fair in China. More than 13,000 kinds of periodicals from more than 40 countries and areas were displayed at this year's fair.
Stamp Collecting

An online stamp collecting website sponsored by China National Philately Corporation and provincial philatelic companies was designed and produced by Beijing Zhongjihuanxun Technology Corporation.