Express Delivery and Logistics

China Postal Express & Logistics Corporation is the oldest and largest integrated express and logistics service provider in China, covering the widest area and boasting the most diverse range of products. With a network of 45,000 business outlets across China, its operations cover all cities, counties and townships in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and accesses more than 200 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The volume of express delivery service reached 760 million pieces this year, representing an increase of 18.4 percent compared to last year. With its commitment to providing service that goes above and beyond, satisfaction for China Post’s Express Mail Service continues to improve. According to a survey conducted by the China Post Bureau of the service satisfaction for couriers, the Express Mail Service surpassed the standards of five-star couriers.

With the development of e-commerce in China, China Postal Express & Logistics Corporation has begun supplying a series of new products and services to fulfill clients’ needs.

One-Stop Express Service

One-Stop Express Service integrates storage, tallying, packing and delivery services for online store owners. The service provides solutions to all the problems online store owners face in marketing and sales. With advantages in network and resources integration, it has become a leading supply chain solution in the industry.

New Economy Express

New Economy Express was launched on January 1, 2013, for online store owners and other clients. Articles less than 20 kilograms of weight are delivered through economy flights. By reducing the transitions, the service provides moderate cost and timely delivery.

International E Express

International E Express is a service for delivering small articles. Through the service, Chinese mainland commodity suppliers are able to deliver their products to their clients overseas. The record amount of deliveries so far has been 200,000 a day