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Self-designed Letter Sorter Enters World Post Expo
Self-designed Letter Sorter Enters World Post Expo
| China Post |2012-03-13
Representatives of China Post Group Shanghai Research Institute attended the recent 2011 World Post Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, bringing with them the letter sorter that holds completely independent intellectual property rights. The occasion marked China's first time at the World Post Expo as an exhibitor.

This year's expo drew around a hundred famous corporations, including Siemens, Solysitic, Pitney Bowes, Vandelande and NEC. The Shanghai Research Institute's letter sorter was a main expo highlight. An on-site demonstration showed that its product function, exterior design and production technique compare with the postal technology of China Post's European and American peers, and that the sorter is equal to the high performance demands of the international postal services of many countries.

European and Asian postal departments and agents at the expo held on-site consultations with the Shanghai Research Institute exhibition team about equipment tendering, and expressed intentions to deepen research and cooperation.

The institute also exhibited its self-designed mixed sorter, high-speed postage calculator and other products, which have been exported to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Singapore.

(Source: China Post News)

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