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Govt's Love Letter Service Aims to Scratch 7-year Itch
Govt's Love Letter Service Aims to Scratch 7-year Itch
| China Post |2012-03-13

A couple of newlyweds prepare to put love letters into a mailbox at a post office in Beijing's Haidian district on Sept 9. The letters will arrive at their home in seven years' time. [China Post News]

Beijing authorities, alarmed at the skyrocketing divorce rate, are promoting a new service in which the post office will send a love letter to your partner – after a delay of seven years.

The Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau cooperated with the Beijing Municipal Postal Administration to launch the Love Post Office service at Haidian district branch of China Post on Friday.

The romantic letters cost 30 yuan ($4.69) each, and have a message inside like a greeting card. You then add your own message of love, and post it. The Love Post Office will keep the letter for seven years, before sending it, Li Jing, a publicity employee with the civil affairs bureau, said Monday.

The 17 city marriage registration offices will also give the envelopes to couples for free when they register to marry, said Li.

"We hope the love letters may save some marriages in the future," an officer surnamed Ma with the Love Post Office told the Global Times.

"To post letters to ourselves in the future is a surprise," said a woman surnamed Xing. Her boyfriend, surnamed Zhao, brought her to the Love Post Office as a surprise.

"He will propose marriage to me," she said.

"We chose to post the letters seven years later because of the notorious 'seven-year itch' effect," a civil affairs bureau officer told the Beijing Times on Sunday.

Beijing's divorce rate, 20.6 percent, was in the top three nationwide, along with Shanghai and Shenzhen in the third quarter of 2009, Xinhua reported on June 5.

(Source: Global Times)

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