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EPOS Machines Put into Use in Beijing
EPOS Machines Put into Use in Beijing
| China Post |2012-03-13


The first batch of 50 EPOS machines were put into use in newspaper stalls of Beijing's downtown area starting from May 26. These 50 EPOS machines had managed payments 35 times and collected 2,476 Yuan by June 1.

The Beijing Post carried out this initiative to provide better postal service for the public and practicing the spirit of establishing convenient service stations for citizens.

The business of EPOS machine payment is wirelessly integrated into postal network. Clients can use a postal card to pay telephone fees, water fees, and flight fees. Beijing Post will actively develop its business, such as mobile electronic recharging, credit card payments and other services. Beijing Post will achieve the goal of using Visa cards to pay fees through EPOS machines and providing better service for the public.

(Source: China Post News)

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