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Three Postal Workers Nominated as National Moral Models
Three Postal Workers Nominated as National Moral Models
| China Post |2012-03-13
The third selection of National Moral Models entered the public notice and balloting phase after May 31. There are three postal workers among the nominees. They are Aziguli•Abudureheman, director of the Post Office of Wuluquele Town of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; Zhao Yuefang, postwoman of Ewu Township, Changzhi, Shanxi Province; and Chen Yongzhong, retired postal worker from Jiangxi Provice.

Aziguli•Abudureheman (who gained 336 votes) made a personal vow on her first day at work to serve customers to the best of her ability and do her work well. She has shown herself to be true to her word. The service at Wuluquele Post Office has greatly improved since 2003 when she became director.

A shoulder pole and two postal bags are postwoman Zhao Yuefang's work equipment. Since 1995, Zhao has been delivering mail regardless of bad weather and difficult routes, and has led postal services into remote villages.

Retiree Chen Yongzhong (536 votes) exemplifies Chinese traditional virtues by taking care of his aunt, who is in her seventies, every day since his uncle died in 1994.

The Third National Moral Models Selection is co-hosted by the Publicity Department and Cultural Civilization Office of CPC Central Committee. Over 36,000 were nominated and 317 entered the final selection. Citizens can vote through People's Daily and the Xinhua news agency website from May 31 to July 20.

The National Moral Model Selection is a nationwide campaign to award people who set a good example according to traditional Chinese moral standards. The event was initiated in 2007 by various departments, and it has since had wide social influence.

Postal workers have been either awarded or nominated at two previous selections. They are Sichuan postman Wang Shunyou, Inner Mongolia postal worker Quan Erping, Yunnan post woman Nimulama, Chongqing postman Wang Anlan and Jiangsu branch post office director He Jianzhong.

(Source: China Post News)

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