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Composite Automatic Distribution System of Tobacco Logistics
Composite Automatic Distribution System of Tobacco Logistics
| China Post |2012-03-14

The effective and totally automated tobacco distribution system is designed by CPST Logistics System Integration Company for medium and large Chinese tobacco distribution center to reach the automation of tobacco sorting and distributing, and the information management. The system integrated various advantages of "Vertical Automatic Distribution System of Tobacco Logistics", through the R&D and innovation, the design highlighted a capacity of the system with high-productivity and totally integrated automation.
The system adopted advanced network technology and information processing technology, to make the information processing for Tobacco storage, to control the tobacco's automatic sorting ?individual packing and distribution.
Note: User solutions tailored to your needs
System Feature
 Automatic tobacco feeding? distributing? packing.
 High-effective tabacco distribution system
 Clear interface of system operation, easy manipulation and maintenance
 Equipped with graphic equipment supervision system and perfect excel function
 Clear and easy layout with reasonable structure, minimal floor space requirement
 Reasonable residual space for excess of storage, easy adjustment, effective for increasing productivity
 Close connection between feeding and distribution data
 Storage equipped with tracing and positioning device such as POS
 Stable system ? high-reliability  
Main Technical Specification
 Efficiency of system: 14000?16000?18000 piece/h
 Transportable size of tobacco: length x width x height (standard packing) = (270-292) x (88-90) x (47-49) mm 
 Container specification: length x width x height = 520x350x320mm
 Maximum capacity of container: 30 piece /container or plastic packing 
 Acceptable type of tobacco at the same feeding time: random (no restriction)
 Account No. of tobacco feeding: random (no restriction)
 The efficiency of automatic packing machine: 600 boxes/h (totally automated packing )
 The way of container supply: automatic delivering to packing place
 Information network connection: 100M Ethernet
 Means of data output: printer output
 Temperature: 5-40 degree
 Power supply:  Triphase AC: 380V ± 10%; Uniphase AC: 220V±10%; Frequency: 50HZ (±1Hz)
Successful Cases

      Jinzhong Tobacco Co.
  Chaohu Tobacco Co.
  Datong Tobacco Co.
  Wenzhou Tobacco Co.
  Shenyang Tobacco Co.

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