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Four-fold Expandable and flexible Conveyor
Four-fold Expandable and flexible Conveyor
| China Post |2012-03-14


 The conveyor with long expandable part, and short fixed part.
 Adjustment for deviation is not required.
 Higher reliability and longer life
 Perfect control function, easy for manipulation.
 Equipped with safety device
 Cost effective
 Positive and negative conveying

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
 The width of main structure: 790mm
 Chain conveyor width: 304.8mm
 The length of fixed part: 7200mm
 The length of expandable part 12000mm
 Height: 1100mm
 Conveying means: One way or two ways
 Conveying speed: 30m/min
 Extending speed 0.2m/min
 Power supply: 220v and 380v(-10%to+5%)
 Total power: 3.75kw

Operation requirement:
 Temperature range: -5 Degree to 40 Degree
 Maximum size of transportable product:Length 585mm Height 465mm Width: 300mm
 Conveying capacity: 30kg/m
 Floor Permissible Load should be 2t/m²
 The 3L、1N and 1PE power supplier and one Air break Circuit Breaker of 15A should be in 5 meters.

Successful Cases
Jinzhong Tobacco Co.
Shuozhou Tobacco Co.

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