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Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
| China Post |2012-03-14

Product Guide
    China Post Science & Technology (CPST) started its R&D in the AGV area few decades ago, and its AGV products successfully passed national appraisal and won the "National Science and Technology Progressive Reward". The products were successfully applied in many areas such as the military storage and mail handling Center. Last few years, CPST's customers showed great satisfaction for the AGV system solution. CPST who is one system integration supplier provided Nanning & Liuzhou Cigarette Factory,Guangxi with continuous 24 hours' AGV system successfully. These make CPST earned a good reputation from its Customers.
 Easy installation, flexible system layout
 Flexible and effective route alternation
 AGV has a high system reliability that the system could still work normally even if one AGV comes into troubles.
 AGV system connected with management system through TCP/IP protocol is an ideal choice for building unmanned factory, automated warehouse and realizing material handling automation.
 Having been widely used in electronics, textile, papermaking, tobacco, food, and book publishing industries etc. Proving customers with AS/RS and integrated logistics solution.
Technical Specification
 Weight                 1320 kg
      Max Load             1250 kg
      Rotating Force         7500 Nm
      Height of Hoist         90/1400 mm
 Machine Size
      Height of Masthead     2100 mm
      AGV Overall Length   2350 mm
      Max Forward Speed      1.4 m/s
      Average Acceleration     0.5 m/s2
      Positioning Precision     ± 5 mm

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