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Logistics System Simulation
Logistics System Simulation
| China Post |2012-03-14

The Logistics System Simulation is to use computer with simulation & Emulation methods to analyze and test the design, operation and performance of manufacturing material handling and logistics solutions.
These techniques allow to fully understand the complexities and nuances of a proposed material handling and logistics system, for example, the configuration of equipment and staff, layout, project planning, and logistics system's designing etc.
CPST uses American logistics simulation and emulation software – AutoMod 10.0 as platform, to provide airport、post、tobacco、pharmaceutical industry with logistics emulation and simulation service.
The service we provide
 The designing and argumentation of logistics system solution
To make material handling、logistics and distribution system planning and designing, and to optimizing the solution. For instance, when make new equipment or system designing, and update for existing equipment and system, the first stage of designing、project constructing、project feasibility study、manipulation optimization、control optimization、accident forecasting etc. could be provided to increase the effectiveness of statistic analysis, and to make statistic report and diagram (such as utilization rate、inventory information etc.), these would help to find a best solution through the argumentation.
 The designing and making of effect picture
For the new system designing and existing system reconstructing, the emulation and simulation technique can provide client with a vivid picture of project such as logistics distribution center.,
 The simulation of material handling in logistics center
It’s effective to make a model for logistics center, to make sure the capacity of logistics center and to test the system operation. The model can be effectively used as training program, and used to simulate the operation in the material handling process for shelving system, AGV system, shuttle vehicle system, automatic sorting system, fork vehicle, and crane system. The emulation and simulation technique can make a systematic statistic analysis, and help to build a smooth working procedure in the logistics center.
Benefits of the logistics system simulation
 Reducing the investment risk: the emulation and simulation allows designing the solution that best fits customer’s need, and reducing risk in the process. And greatly reduces the risk in a project implementation, ensuring the system, goal, including throughputs are met.
 Optimizing logistics system: the emulation and simulation technique can reflect a vivid picture of project, show the productivity and capacity of production system, and understand the bottle-neck point, reporting the utilization rate of resource.  
 Cost effective: avoiding the investment for building a physical testing system, reducing the designing cost, making precise calculation and testing analysis, increase the feasibility of system designing.
Successful Case
 The automatic logistics production system in Nanning Cigarette Factory,Guangxi
 The logistics AS/RS warehouse system in one military troops
 Line style sorting system for parcel in Beijing Post
 The tobacco automatic distribution system in Wenzhou City,Zhejiang

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