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High Speed Flat Sorting Machine
High Speed Flat Sorting Machine
| China Post |2012-03-14

The High Speed Flat Sorting machine, which has won the first class “National Science and Technology Progressive Reward” in 2003, is a bran-new sorting machine for flat items.The product can increase sorting efficiency, reduce  mis-sorting rate and requirement for labor, it has been widely used in many areas, such as EMS Centers in Shanghai、Beijing、Guangzhou and Postal Center Bureaus in Nanjing、 Hangzhou、 Zhengzhou、 Jinan etc.

Product Feature
 The maximum height handled is up to 32mm, the max weight handled is 1.5kg
 The system adopts modular design, easy for installation, and good for future expansion
 Flexible configuration for automatic / manual feed station; Chute number would be provided as required
 Equipped with OBR automatic reading device, with high efficiency for reading various barcodes
 Equipped with electromagnetic system to ensure sorting accuracy
 Equipped with automatic monitor system, capable to realize the real-time maintenance in long distance
 Information and network support for mail sorting

Technical index
Sorting efficiency                18000 p/h
Automatic feeding efficiency       9000p/h  6000 p/h
Manual feeding efficiency         ≥2500 p/h
Mis-sorting rate                 ≤0.01%
Damage rate of mail              ≤0.01%
Noise                         ≤70 db
Lifetime                       >50000hours
Chute number                  < 250
Mail Characteristic
        Length      140mm - 360mm
        Width      60mm - 260mm
        Height     0.5mm –32mm
        Weight       10g - 1500gWorking Environment
Temperature           +5 – 40 Degree
Humidity             40% - 85%
Power                220v/380v ±10%
Successful Cases
 Nanjing 、Zhengzhou、Jinan、Hefei Postal Center Bureaus
 Beijing、 Shanghai 、Guangzhou EMS Centers: The high-speed sorting for EMS mail realized.
 Central Bureau in Hangzhou postal district: operation cost, reduced and work efficiency increased by through separating the handling time of different mails.
Number of chutes: Customized

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