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Cart with Two Belts Good Sorting Machine
Cart with Two Belts Good Sorting Machine
| China Post |2012-03-14

Belt cart goods sorting machine is a new-generation sorting and distributing equipment. It is suitable in all sorts of goods sorting. The equipment applies line operator as main drive, and can automatically locate, weigh, centralize the parcel and measure its dimensions. According to different parameters, computers control parcels apply and cart, send goods to cart central sites. When cart arrives charged lattice, computer gives control orders, conveyor in the cart begins to run, goods are sent to charged lattice, finish sorting work.

Main technical performance specifications:
1/ Machine efficiency
  Conveying capacity (only one belt): 7200 pieces/hour ~ 13000pieces/hour
  Sorting system linear speed: 1.0m/s ~2.2m/s
  With two belts in operation for the sorting work, the efficiency is half the above.
2/ supplier speed: 2000 pieces/hour
3/ Bar code refusal rate (automatically scan, linear speed 2.2 m/s): ≤0.5%
4/ Mis-sorting rate: ≤0.01% (relieve man-made errors)
5/ The weight of articles: 0.1~40 kg
6/ Dimensions of articles
  The biggest: the longest side≤1300mm, other sides≤550mm
  The smallest: three sides in total (length, width, thickness) ≥300mm, the smallest thickness≥ 20mm
7/ Size of the lattice: 750mm (or according to the users' needs)
8/ Noise: ≤ 70dB(A)

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