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Post Electronic Scale
Post Electronic Scale
| China Post |2012-03-14

Based on ACS series electronic scale, the series multi-function postal electronic scale has been developed. It is suitable for weighing various kinds of domestic and international items and it can count the fees automatically. It has the characteristics of capability of calculation, quickness of operation and accuracy of counting the fees. According to the customer's requirements, a printing machine can be added to print more receipts. Apart from that, it can be used in other industries for weighing and specialized charging after the modification of the soft ware and graduation of the scale.
At present, there are three kinds of scales available. They are: 3kg, 6kg, 35kg and 40kg etc.
Main technical performance specifications:
1/ weighing range: 0~3kg, 0~6kg, 0~40kg
2/ precision: 1/30000
3/ min display value: 3kg, scale-1g
                 6kg, scale-1g
                 35kg, 40kg, scale-1g (0-2kg)
                                10g (>2kg)
4/ range of amount of money: 0-9999.99 yuan
5/ rated voltage: 220V ±10% 50-60Hz
6/ power consumption: 15VA-20VA
7/ temp of the operating surroundings: 0~ +40℃

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