Postal Savings
Cross-Border Remittances
| China Post |2012-03-08


Through our cooperation with Western Union and other foreign banks and financial institutions, we provide a convenient remittance service network in more than 200 countries and regions.

Silver Post International Remittance:

Through co-operation with world-recognized banks, we provide international electronic fund transfer, which achieves whole-process electronic conversion of remittance information and reaches to more than 200 countries (regions) within one to two days.

Western Union International Remittance:

Through the advanced and mature electronic exchange network of Western Union, we provide convenient and safe Western Union international remittance service in every Chinese province and cities.

Postal International Remittance:

Through co-operation with overseas postal institutions, we provide electronic fund transfer and in-kind remittances.

Reporting Balance of International Payments:

Individuals or units engaged in foreign economic relations are able to conduct the reporting of the balance of international payments through banks or other financial institutions in China.

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