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Foreign Currency Savings
| China Post |2012-03-08

We provide a foreign currency deposit and withdrawal service that maintains and increases the value of customers' savings.

Services include:

Current Saving Deposit: Deposit at least US $1; deposit and withdraw at any time; convenient and flexible.

Time-Demand Optional Deposit: Deposit at least US $10; uncertain deposit period; withdraw at any time; the interest rate changes with the deposit period.

Lump-Sum Time Deposit: Deposit at least US $10; deposit period of one month, three months, six months, one year or two years, withdraw principal and interest when due.

Certificate of Deposit: Prove the kind of currency and its amount in the depositors' personal postal savings bank account at any time or any period of time.

Foreign Currency Carry Permit: For residents or non-residents to carry when they leave country with a certain amount of foreign currency.

Business Features:

You can enjoy significant interest rate advantage.

Remittance of Green Card foreign currency accounts is more convenient.

Clients with a foreign exchange card can get reward points.

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