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| China Post |2012-03-06

Letters In 2009, the revenue of letter business nationwide reached 10.08 billion yuan, up by12.8% over the previous year, of which the business of database business letters, bills and stamped envelops and cards developed coordinately. The net growth of letter business income contributed 55.5% to that of the postal business, marking its position as core business.

In 2009, the business model was innovated, and the team building of database business letter solution was enhanced, providing customers with database marketing programs, and effectively serving the SMEs. We also actively cooperated with the government on the policies benefiting the farmers and the general public, and on the "Going to the Countryside" project, sending business letters to the farmers for delivery of state policies and products information. 4.92 million people nationwide have participated in the project of blessing words for the motherland on the theme of "blessing the great motherland and passing the confidence of China" under the background of the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, which was highly valued by the society. We also strengthened the market research, and conducted product innovation. The types of card products have increased to 6 categories with 256 products.

Parcels In 2009, the revenue of parcel business reached 1.8 billion yuan. Among them, the care parcels, home parcels, campus parcels and military parcels have driven the parcel business revenue up by 2.7%.

With the guidance of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and organized and initiated by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Post provided full service support and launched the "Care Parcel" charity program in the society. In 2009, 1.169 million student parcels and 14,000 school parcels have been processed, and 130 million yuan donations have been raised. China Post was granted with the "Award of special contribution to poverty alleviation in China" and the "Award of 60 care models for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China".

Information and agent business In 2009, the information and agent business has experienced extraordinary growth, with the business revenue reaching 2.06 billion yuan, up by 32.3% over the previous year.

The postal SMS business developed rapidly, with its revenue growing by 79%. The sales of Expo tickets ranked the first in the four agents. We actively promoted the convenient postal service stations, expanding the coverage of the postal service. 80 stations in prefecture-level cities of 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have launched the "ZiYou" membership business(targeted at car owners), with members reaching 440 thousand. The 11185 Customer Service Centers and e-commerce information platforms in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have been built, enhancing the service capacity and level, and providing strong support for new business development.

Philately business In 2009, the philately business seized the opportunity, deepened the operational management, vigorously expanded the market, and improved the economic efficiency, with the revenue reaching 6.32 billion yuan.

The work of the year was developed steadily, with the key national marketing projects making significant achievements, and the innovation on operation and management modes achieving outstanding results. The market-oriented business awareness was growing stronger. We planned production according to changes in market demands, and planned development according to the law of market economy. While emphasizing on efficiency and building brand, the management base was constantly reinforced, and the business development capacity was further improved.

Based on the successful experience on the 2008 Olympic project, we brought the integrated advantage of the stamp plan and design, printing and production, as well as philatelic operation into full play, and actively planed and organized some themed marketing activities, including "300 ancient poems of Tang Dynasty" and "the sixtieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China", which achieved good social and economic benefits, and promoted the brand and influence of philately business.

Circulations The national newspaper/journal circulation business has actively promoted the changes in operation concepts and distribution methods, and vigorously implemented four strategies, including the high-quality service, focused development, market-oriented, and scientific support. In 2009, the newspaper/journal circulation business has experienced sustainable and rapid development, with operating income up by 12.1%, among which the subscription revenue increased by 14.7%; the revenue of distributing newspapers and journals increased by 17.1%; and the retail revenue increased by 9.2%.

In the subscription of newspaper/journal circulation, the postal services of all levels nationwide renewed their concepts and innovated operation. The circulation amount from the work of nationwide one-time subscription of newspapers and journals has increased by 11% over the previous year, realizing comprehensive and coordinated development of various newspapers and journals, and effectively promoting the brand influence and channel competitiveness of the postal circulation.

Under the background of accelerated cultural system reformation, and based on the concept of value-oriented circulation, focused development, and brand-building concept, the national newspaper/journal circulation business has actively changed the development methods, innovated business models, deepened the postal and circulation cooperation, improved service levels, and made efforts to realize better and faster development of postal newspaper/journal circulation business.

International letter business In 2009, the revenue of international letter business and letters to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan was over 500 million yuan, up by 30.2% over the previous year. The international business correspondence has become the major revenue growth point with its large market and promising growth prospect.

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