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Zhao Qinglong赵清龙
| China Post |2012-06-20

Zhao Qinglong has worked as a mail carrier in Fangshan Village in northwest China's Gansu Province since 1996.

The area that Zhao is responsible for has tough natural conditions, and the post is the most important channel for the locals to the outside world. Zhao has worked in this area for 15 years, during which he has delivered mail to 10 administrative villages and 76 natural villages, and helped residents pay their telephone expenses and electricity charges. He has also helped them purchase household and agricultural goods, serviced their telephones and lighting circuits, and installed and tested their televisions.

As Fangshan Village is geographically remote, one of Zhao's jobs is to take messages for villagers. For this, he keeps a notebook to record the messages so that he can notify relevant villagers at the time of delivery.

For 15 years, Zhao has been strict with himself in accordance with the standard demands on an old Communist Party member. He works hard and has selfless dedication, never missing a delivery or making a mistake.

In 2010, Wang Yonghong from Guanshan Village under Zhao's responsibility was involved in a car accident and needed 30,000 yuan (US$4, 713) for treatment. Despite her best efforts and the help of the villagers and village cadres, his wife only managed to raise half that amount. 

Knowing this case, Zhao Qinglong painstakingly raised the money and ensured the success of the surgery. Throughout his career, Zhao has helped many poor villagers, disabled people, senior citizens and school dropouts. The people of Fangshan Village say that he is not just a good mail carrier, but he is the 'living Lei Feng'.

Chinese soldier Lei Fei (1940-1962) is known for devoting almost all of his spare time and money to selflessly helping the needy. He became a symbol of modesty, selflessness and devotion after his death.

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