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China Post's First Short Film on Love Hits the Net
China Post's First Short Film on Love Hits the Net
| China Post |2012-11-03
China Post's first short film "Express of Love" was posted online on October 22, 2012. It has aroused netizens' attention to a large extent, and became the No. 1 favorite original video on the website www.youku.com, China's biggest video website, less than eight hours after it was put online. It is also showing on popular websites such as www.sina.com and www.baidu.com, among other, and was clicked on for viewing more than 150,000 times in two days.

The film features beautiful pictures of a moving love story, also presenting sperbly the work of Post branches, EMS (Express Mail Service) and the newly established Love Post Office. It interprets well not only the the quality services of China Post in handling the mail, but also love in the world.

The short film production program of China Post was launched by the office of the China Post Corporate Group, aiming to market the good image of China Post which has been built up among many Chinese through this new media form, especially among the young.
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