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Postal Savings Bank Awarded for Financial Services
Postal Savings Bank Awarded for Financial Services
| China Post |2012-12-14
The Postal Savings Bank was awarded the '2012 Favorite Bank of the Business Elite for SME Services', organized by 22 of China’s most influential media organizations, and the 'Best Profile Award for Enterprises Serving Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers' by CCTV- 7 and China Financial Publications.

With the endorsement of the State Council, the China Postal Group established the China Postal Savings Bank Co. Ltd. as its sole funding institution. The bank has always attached great importance to providing financial services for the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and to SMEs in China.

Over the years, the bank has granted loans totaling 1243.2 billion yuan (US $198.9 billion) to minor and small-sized enterprises, helping to raise the income of over 6.5 million farmers and SMEs.

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