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Jiangsu Launches Internet Games-themed Postcards
Jiangsu Launches Internet Games-themed Postcards
| China Post |2012-12-21
China's first set of Internet games-themed and vocal DIY postcards based on mobile phone technology were launched in eastern China's Jiangsu Province on December 15, 2012 and December 16, 2012, respectively. 

The Internet games-themed postcards were launched by China Post in collaboration with Tencent, Inc, one of China’s leading Internet service portals.This is the first time that China Post has launched postcards featuring Internet games.

The set includes 13 different postcards with beautiful images taken from online games.

The vocal DIY postcards were launched by Jiangsu Province Post Corporation and incorporate traditional postcards with smartphone technology.

Customers can use their mobile phones to make their own postcards which will be printed and sent to designated receivers by post.

With two-dimensional code recognition technology, receivers can also hear the senders' audio messages saved on the postcards by using their mobile phones to scan the code signs on the postcards.
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