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Top 10 China Post Events in 2013
Top 10 China Post Events in 20132014-02-08

1. President Xi and Premier Li Care About China Post's Development
During the first session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang talked with the NPC deputy He Jianzhong. President Xi and Premier Li praised the fast development of China Post in recent years and expressed their expectations for the further development of China Post in the future.

2. China Post Group Corporation Set up the Goal of Developing into a World-Class Post Group
The China Post Group Corporation set up the goal of building the group into a world-class Post Group in 2020 when the State realizes the goal of developing a well-being society.

3. China Post Carrying out the CPC's Mass Line Campaign
Party cadres of the China Post carried out a series of mass line education workshops amid the CPC's mass line campaign, including holding study sessions and mixing with grassroots people to establish good relations with them. The mass line campaign followed the "eight measures" among other relentless efforts launched by China's new leadership to fight corruption and improve the work styles of Party officials and cadres.

4. China Post Listed into Top 200 companies on 2013 Fortune 500
China Post was ranked 196 on the 2013 Fortune 500 list released in July 2013, which was the first time that China Post had entered the top 200 companies on the list. This year's ranking progressed by 62 from last year, and up by 147 in 2011.

5. China Post Supporting the Relief Work of Quake-zone Lushan County
Since the 7-magnitude earthquake in Lushan County on April 20, 2013, China Post has put into place a variety of measures to support relief work, including the issue of the commemorative stamp, which aims to call on all of society to provide support for the relief work. In addition, a donation of 12 million yuan (US$ 1.95 million), the anticipated income of the new stamp, was made to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China to support the relief work. The postal Savings Bank of China also donated six million yuan (US$ 989,400) to Sichuan Provincial Government for the relief work.

6. Postal Savings Bank of China Issues Its First CSR Report    
The Postal Savings Bank of China issued its first corporate social responsibility report of 2012 on May 21, 2013.

The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) won several awards at a meeting held by the China Banking Industry Association on June 28, 2013 to recognize the social contributions of China's banking industry.

Li Guohua, president of the PSBC, won the Annual Social Responsibility Leader Prize. PSBA won the Annual Social Responsibility Best Financial Prize Related to People's Life and the Annual Best Social Responsibility Practice Prize. The Moyu County Branch Bank of the PSBC in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region won the Annual Best Social Responsibility Special Contribution Branch Prize.

7. China Post Hosted CICE in Beijing
China Post Group hosted the First China International Collection Expo (CICE) at the Beijing Exhibition Hall from September 26-29, 2013, with the aim of promoting the culture of collecting and enriching people's cultural lives.

The CICE featured not only both high-end and folk art collections, but also cultural exhibitions, interactive sales activities and the widely welcomed evaluation of people's treasures.

The CICE, approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, originated from the Beijing International Stamp and Coin Exposition, which has had a great influence in the philatelic and numismatic world, and has been successfully held nine times since 1995.

8. The Launch of the BT to VAT Transformation Pilot Program for Postal Service Industry
Following the decision on the launch of Business Tax (BT) to Value-added Tax Transformation Pilot Program for transportation industry and certain modern service industries, including the postal service industry from January 1, 2014, and made by Premier Li Keqiang in a standing conference of the State Council on December 4, 2013, China Post has taken a series of preparation measures for the transformation work.
9. China Post Life Listed as No. 1 Life Insurance Company on Potential Development Index    
China Post Life Insurance Corporation Limited (China Post Life) was listed as the top one life insurance company on the index of potential development among all the 47 listed life insurance companies of China in the 2013 Chinese Insurance Companies' Competitiveness Evaluation Research Report issued by the Central University of Finance and Economics. The report also indicated that China Post Life's comprehensive competitiveness was listed No. 8, which has progressed by one place compared with the previous year.

By fully relying on the existing postal network and resources and persisting in the principle of paying equal attention to specialty and characteristic, as well as the development strategy of low input, wide coverage and high output, China Post Life commits itself to serving the grass-root communities and serving the agriculture, countryside and peasants.

This has started with a small-amount insurance business and focuses on promoting the balanced development of insurance businesses in urban and rural areas, so as to become a new efficient commercial insurance company featuring a modern system, public service, standardized management, and high recognition from the government, regulatory departments and the public.

10. Selection Campaign of Best Mail Carriers
China Post Group Corporation and Guangming Daily launched a campaign in Beijing on July 23, 2013, to select the 10 best mail carriers and 20 more for honorable mentions.

The five-month campaign aimed to promote good mail delivery services and commend the work ethic of outstanding mail carriers. China Post and the public recommended the candidates. Netizens could also participate in the voting online and their votes played an important role in the final selection. The organizing committee also held a writing competition and a photography competition in conjunction with the campaign.

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