Christmas Post Office in NE China
Editor:Frank Zhao2014-09-29

Christmas post office in North Polar Village, Mohe County northeast China's Heilongjiang Province [China Post]


The first Christmas post office was established in North Polar Village, Mohe County in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province on December 20, 2010.

Located in China’s most northerly region, the first themed post office provides stamps and philately tools to stamp collectors, as well as the same postal services at other post offices.

In Santa Claus costumes, the staff members write down children's wishes and prepare packages for delivery, making it Christmas Day in the office all year round.

If you cannot visit it, you may learn about it through its website and purchase gifts and postal products and also enabling you to mail them using the post office’s online postal service.

The website allows customers to make e-postal cards by themselves and have the post office make paper cards and deliver them to designated addresses.

(China Post)