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Li Guohua Meets with CEO of Australia Post
Li Guohua Meets with CEO of Australia Post
| China Post |2014-10-23

Li Guohua, president of China Post Group Corporation, met with Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Australia Post Ahmed Fahour in Beijing on October 20, 2014.

Li said during the meeting that China post and Australia has maintained a good relationship, especially on international business. Li noted the two sides should grasp the chance to develop the cross-border e-commerce business and deepen their collaboration on business of international small packages delivery, EMS and others, to enhance international service quality and competitiveness. They should strengthen their collaboration on Saicheng Logistics, a Sino-Australian international logistics service company.

Mr. Fahour agreed with Li’s ideas and said he also hoped to take on wider-scaled collaboration with China Post by taking advantage of their respective advantages.

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