Postal Savings Bank
Editor:Frank Zhao2014-10-08

The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) is a full-service commercial bank, providing banking services in both domestic and foreign currency, international and domestic remittance, payment and collection, credit card services, personal finance and personal loans as well as services for enterprises. PSBC has 40,000 branches and more than 56,000 ATMs in China, while providing e-banking services via its mobile phone app, telephones, its website and through TV sets. With the concept of 'banking benefits everyone,' PSBC has extended its services to every corner of both urban and rural areas in 98 percent of counties across the country. At the end of 2013, the bank’s assets were ranked sixth in the banking industry, its share of market in terms of saving deposits was ranked fourth, and it won the 'Best E-banking Award' at the 2013 Banking Industry awards.

Major Banking Service Provider in Rural Areas

On May 15, 2014, PSBC held a meeting on banking service for rural areas, farmers and agriculture in Nanchang, capital city of east China's Jiangxi Province. PSBC estimated its total credit and loan expenditure in this field would surpass 3 trillion yuan (U.S. $489 billion) over the next five years.

Growing with Micro- and Small Businesses

Over the past seven years, PSBC has developed a mature banking service system for micro- and small businesses. By the end of 2013, PSBC had issued 15 million loans to 12 million micro- and small enterprises with a total amount of nearly 2 trillion yuan (U.S. $326 billion), and effectively relieved their funding shortages in operations.

Considerate Community Banking Services

From major cities to small towns, from physical offices to e-banks, from basic remittance to latest credit consumption and financing, from night banking services to TV banking, PSBC has developed considerate and portable banking service systems.

E-banking Network

PSBC has established four types of e-banks: online banks, mobile banks, phone banks and television banks, which provide quick and comfortable banking services anytime, anywhere.

(China Post)