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China Post Launches Activities to Celebrate 'World Post Day'
China Post Launches Activities to Celebrate 'World Post Day'
| China Post |2014-10-10

To celebrate the 45th Word Post Day, which falls annually on October 9, the China Post Group Corporation (China Post) has organized a series of activities themed on the publicity of postal culture.

Collaborating with the Guangming Daily Press, China Post has organized a nationwide writing competition titled ‘Postal Services on My Mind’.

To enhance the working morale of all postal staff, China Post has launched a collective activity titled: ‘My Post Dream’, in which postal staff are able to express their postal dreams through writing, photography or video. Fifty representative ‘postal dream’ stories will be selected and published in the China Post News.

To cultivate the publicity of various theme post offices established in recent years, China Post has launched a nationwide activity titled ‘My Favorite Theme Post Office’, in which people can share their love of a specific theme post office by writing essays or taking photographs. 

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