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State Post Bureau Holds Conference about Delivery Service in Upcoming Peak Seasons
State Post Bureau Holds Conference about Delivery Service in Upcoming Peak Seasons2015-10-29

China's State Post Bureau held a televised conference in Beijing on October 20 to make a preliminary arrangement about an anticipated increase of postal deliveries during upcoming peak periods.

With regard to busy seasons for express enterprises over the following several months, they are expected to meet with a sudden increase of delivery demand from e-commerce businesses across the whole nation on November 11, December 12 and 25, New Year, and Spring Festival.

For instance, the number of postal deliveries on November 11 is expected to reach 140 million pieces, a four-time rise in comparison with the same period last year.

At the conference, officials from the State Post Bureau instructed enterprises concerned to further raise their own awareness of the importance of their daily work, track the latest information about the increase in postal packages and provide relevant solutions, hold regular supervisions and deepen competence among employees in the process of delivery, crack down on any incidents detrimental to the interests of clients, and set up a positive image.

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