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China Postal Airlines Honored at Civil Aviation Communications Summit
China Postal Airlines Honored at Civil Aviation Communications Summit2015-12-04

China Postal Airlines was conferred the "CACS 2015 Excellent Communications and Organization" award at the Sixth Civil Aviation Communications Summit (CACS) held at the Landmark Convention Center in Beijing on November 26.

The event was organized by China Aviation Daily and drew the attendance of aviation airlines and relevant enterprises from home and abroad. It aimed to recognize the achievements jointly made by airlines, airports and air-producers in the fields of branding and communications.

China Postal Airlines has become the first freight airline company ever to receive the honor so far, which shows the public's recognition of its work and has further enlarged its popularity amongst clients.

Staff members from China Postal Airlines have dedicated themselves to the publicity of its service and work, which comprehensively showcases its positive image.

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