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China Post Group Releases Stamps with a Focus on Core Socialist Values
China Post Group Releases Stamps with a Focus on Core Socialist Values2015-12-04

China Post Group held a ceremony at the headquarters of its subordinated Post-Sports Bureau in Beijing on November 29 to officially release a group of stamps entitled Pictures Illustrate Our Values.

The newly released stamps are named The Existence of Nation Is A Prerequisite of Families, Chinese Dream and Bull Spirit, and Chinese Dream & My Dream, which are covered with pictures of Bird's Nest, the Spirit of the Bull and Cute Children.

All of them make a vivid illustration of core socialist values.

China Post Group has made a close observance of its responsibilities and duties in the building of socialist spirituality in the release of themed stamps in relation to remarkable achievements made by the public in social and economic affairs as well as the improvement of their livelihood.

According to China Post Group, it will release stamps in connection with "Maritime Silk Road" next year.

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