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China Post Unveils Winners of National Writing Contest for Founding Anniversary
China Post Unveils Winners of National Writing Contest for Founding Anniversary2016-02-25

Organizers announced winners at an event to select competent writers during their participation in the National Writing Contest about China Post Group’s 120th founding anniversary, which falls on March 20, at a ceremony held in Beijing.

The event was launched by China Post with support from Guangming Daily and Economic Daily on October 9 in the capital city.

It has drawn proactive response from enthusiasts across the entire nation with their original writings in the form of literature, a story, an essay, commentaries, reportage or otherwise, and with an emphasis on the characteristics and dedication of the firm.

After an intensive selection process by professionals, Wang Kewei, Wang Jun, Lv Yali and 12 other contestants were jointly named as winners of the first prize, while Wang Mingliang, Lu Tianyang, Mu Hongyan and 27 other participants were identified as winners of the second prize. In addition, Hu Xuan, Xv Shengbo, Cheng Junxia and 47 other attendees were chosen as holders of the third prize.

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