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First China (Qingdao) Postal Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit Opens in E China
First China (Qingdao) Postal Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit Opens in E China2016-06-17

A workshop on opportunities and challenges brought by the Internet Plus era was launched at the First China (Qingdao) Postal Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit supported by China Post Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province on June 6.

A topic on transforming traditional enterprise to cross-border E-commerce was also carried out at the summit.

The forum drew over 500 representatives of cross-border E-commerce enterprises from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangdong and other areas, including Amazon, Wish and other international companies.

Attendees received industrial restructuring, cross-border E-commerce knowledge and policy guidance education.

They also shared their experience on cross border logistics, brand protection and entrepreneurial stories at the event.

Meanwhile, leading industry figures held a roundtable discussion, providing attendees with a feast of professional exchange. 

(China Post)

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