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China Post Leaders Console Employees in Flood-Affected Areas
China Post Leaders Console Employees in Flood-Affected Areas2016-07-20

China Post General Manager Li Guohua and Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yafei sent their condolences by phone to China Post workers in rainstorm-hit areas in south China, where many provinces have been affected by flooding.

Li and Zhang learned about postal staff initiatives in maintaining network operations, and required security for employees, property, business operations and communications.

Many China Post offices and mail processing sites were flooded and trucking lines were blocked in some provinces.

China Post branches immediately forwarded leaders' concerns and instructions to each employee through meetings, telephone and instant communication platforms.

Some leaders headed to hard hit areas to console local staff and guide disaster relief work, which greatly encouraged staff morale and given them more confidence in overcoming the impact of the disasters.

(China Post)

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