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China Post Official WeChat Draws 1.5 Million Followers
China Post Official WeChat Draws 1.5 Million Followers2016-09-30

China Post's official WeChat account drew 1 million followers in the 20 days since it went online on August 18, with the total number reaching 1.46 million by September 22.

The national postal e-commerce operation center launched a service for followers and business with online activities to reward customers, and interacted with the public China Post WeChat account at all levels through targeted messages, window marketing and sharing.

Supported by the group's Publishing Bureau, hundreds of popular stories were promoted through the WeChat account and magazines. To mark philatelic week and new stamp issues, philatelic products went on sale through the platform, with a transactions totaling of 600,000 yuan (US$89,965). 

(China Post)

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