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China Post Group Holds Meeting on the Observance of '3 Stricts, 3 Honests" Principles
China Post Group Holds Meeting on the Observance of '3 Stricts, 3 Honests" Principles2015-07-02

President and Deputy Secretary of Communist Party of China (CPC) Committee of China Post Group Li Guohua has called on staff members to prioritize their learning of President Xi Jinping's instruction on the observance of the "Three Stricts and Three Honests" principles, and translate their relevant studies into a momentum for the organization's ongoing innovative reform under current social circumstances.

Li made the remarks at a meeting held at the firm's headquarters in Beijing on June 26 for senior members of the CPC Committee of China Post Group. The "Three Stricts and Three Honests" principles were raised by President Xi Jinping last March as a series of necessary requirements for officials to improve their lives and professional work. They refer to "strictness in morals, powers and self-discipline; and honesty in decision-making, business and behavior".

In his speech at the meeting, Li placed emphasis upon the observance of "strictness in morals" in the life of officials and members of the CPC from the organization, which is of great significance to the further development of their faith in the Chinese socialist cause, their performance in their daily work, and the bond between the CPC and the public. He added that staff members from the company are expected to further carry out internal structural reform and strengthen their services for clients in accordance of the President's relevant speech.

Meanwhile, Vice-President and Secretary of the Committee of China Post Group Zhang Yafei spoke about the reasons and methods of the observance of "strictness in morals" at the meeting. The principle is a good tradition of the CPC and virtue of the CPC members. It is an internal requirement for the governance of the CPC and officials, and there is a desperate need for speeding up the structural reform of the China Post Group. Therefore, Zhang concluded, staff members should be loyal to the CPC and its socialist affairs, and strive for better performance with a focus on higher morality in their normal work.

At the gathering, attendees jointly read the "CPC Constitution, the Governance of China" and "A Collection of Articles on the Construction of Clean Government and the Anti-corruption War", both by President Xi Jinping, and other documents, and shared their understanding of these readings.

Those also in attendance at the conference were members of the CPC Committee of the China Post Group Li Pizheng, Kang Ning, Zhang Ronglin, Sun Guodong and Li Xiong.

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