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Li Guohua Meets with President and CEO of the Association for Talent Development
Li Guohua Meets with President and CEO of the Association for Talent Development2015-07-02

President of the China Post Group Corporation Li Guohua held a meeting with visiting President and CEO of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Tony Bingham in Beijing on the morning of June 25 to speak about exchanges and cooperation in the further development of human resources and relevant training.

During their meeting, Li extended warm welcome to Bingham for his official visit and expressed great thanks to the ATD for its recognition over the achievements made by the China Post Group in the training and development of human resources staff in the last several years.

"The China Post Group has been undergoing innovative reform and upgrading its business structure, and aims to develop itself into one of global leaders in the postal industry, the realization of which requires it to have competent staff with an innovative and international mindset," Li said at the meeting. He added that his enterprise is expected to acquire more knowledge and gain more practice in the formation of its vocational college and in the cultivation of qualified employees as well as executive staff from the ATD which boasts advanced management experience and technologies in the field concerned.

For his part, Bingham highly praised the China Post Group for its remarkable achievements in the cultivation and training of human resources, and said the fact that the China Post Group had twice won the Excellence in Practice award proved its quality in the development of human resources, and expressed enthusiastic willingness for bilateral cooperation in multiple fields in the coming years.

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