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China Post Issues Stamps to Celebrate Launch of Long March-5
China Post Issues Stamps to Celebrate Launch of Long March-5
| China Post |2016-11-11

China Post Hainan issued series of commemorative postal items to mark the launch of China's new Long March-5 heavy-lift carrier rocket on the same day it blasted off from the Wenchang Space Launch center in south China's Hainan Province on November 3, 2016.

Seventy workers at China Post Wenchang began distribution of the special products at six service points in accordance with the program.

"Just like rice dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival and moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival, people will buy stamps to celebrate the successful launch of the Long March-5," said Chen Guoqiang, president of the Pudong Philatelic Association in Shanghai.

Representing hundreds of philatelic members, he at last received the meaningful commemorative stamps with postal marks. A group of stamp enthusiasts from all corners of the country gathered early at the spaceflight post office, filling orders, purchasing stamps and affixing commemorative postmarks. Stamp collectors and visitors lined up excitedly to buy postal items at the six service spots in Wenchang.

"I brought postal products valued 16,000 yuan (US$ 2,361)," said a Wenchang local woman surnamed Wu. "Some are for collecting and the others for friends. I will come to buy stamps as souvenirs if new rockets are launched next year," she added, displaying her booty.


(China Post)

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