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PSBC President Li Guohua Wins 2016 Influential Bankers Title
PSBC President Li Guohua Wins 2016 Influential Bankers Title2016-12-09
The 2016 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards Ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on November 24.[File Photo]

President of the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and General-Manager of China Post Li Guohua won the 2016 Influential Bankers title on November 30 in the 21st Century Asian Financial Enterprise Competitiveness Evaluation sponsored by 21st Century Business Herald.

PSBC also won the 2016 Outstanding Risk Management Bank and 2016 Outstanding Consumer Credit Business Bank titles at the evaluation.

Under the leadership of Li, PSBC has insisted on serving communities, small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers, rural areas and agriculture as it grew into a leading large retail bank in China.

Facing the complex financial situation in 2016, it followed the pace of economic upgrading and transformation in China, which resulted in rapid and healthy development of its business.

PSBC was listed on the stock market in Hong Kong and began trading on September 28, becoming the biggest IPO (initial public offering) on global capital markets in 2016, a new achievement in the reform of state owned commercial banks in China.

In addition, PSBC continued to strengthen service reform, increased efforts in supporting the real economy, played an active role in poverty alleviation and has made a positive contribution to the realization of China's economic innovation and sustainable development.

PSBC also recently won the Listed Company with Most Valuable Brand award at a ceremony for the 2016 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on November 24, the first assessment award on listed companies PSBC received since listing in Hong Kong.

The China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards are organized by Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group and are considered the largest, highest level and most credible appraisal of the development of China's capital markets. Focused on listed companies and top management in China and Hong Kong, the assessment is based on authoritative information released by widely recognized securities institutions together with nominations from industry, judgments from experts and recommendations from the organizing committee for an all-round assessment of all participating listed companies and financial institutions from Mainland China and Hong Kong. The awards select enterprises and management teams with prominent features and great achievements during the year who have become icons in China's capital markets. The 6th China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards Ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on November 24.


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