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China Post Group Commends Outstanding Collectives and Individuals
China Post Group Commends Outstanding Collectives and Individuals2016-05-06
General Manager of China Post Group Li Guohua gives a speech at the conference.[China Post News]

About 200 outstanding China Post sub-branches, 150 outstanding sub-branch managers and 30 super sub-branch managers were cited by China Post Group and Postal Saving Bank of China at a commending conference held at the National Political Consultative Conference assembly hall on April 27 in Beijing.

"As an essential part of China's financial system, Postal finance has conscientiously implemented the overall deployment of national financial system reform and made outstanding contributions to the development of economy and society," Vice Minister of Communications Dai Dongchang said at the event.

He also expressed hope that postal enterprises would make greater efforts to build a well-off society.

"Some 40,000 sub-branch managers have set an example for cadres and China Post Group," General Manager of China Post Group Li Guohua said, adding that "China Post staff are expected to show strong positive energy in the development of enterprise." 

Vice General Manager of China Post Group Zhang Ronglin presided over the conference which also drew thousands of cadres from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other important state organs.

Leaders take a photo with award winning collectives and individuals.[China Post News]


(China Post)

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