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China Post Deepens Cooperation with Mobile Shopping Platform Wish
China Post Deepens Cooperation with Mobile Shopping Platform Wish2016-06-01
Members of China Post Group sign a cooperation agreement with Wish in Beijing. [China Post]

China Post Group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Wish, the biggest mobile shopping platform in North America, based on finance, insurance, and training, in Beijing on May 26.

China Post jointly launched the "Wish and China Packet Mail" project with Wish last February, a brand new international logistics product base in Shanghai.

The above has been lauded for good service quality since it was launched, with 60 million packets delivered between January and April.

Program bases have been increased to 7, including Beijing, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. It will be further extended in 2016.

"Bilateral strategic cooperation will optimize the current international delivery service model, boost online orders and payments, which will benefit rapid development of the international electronic business industry," said Vice-General Manager of China Post Group Zhang Ronglin.


(China Post)

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