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China Post Insurance Wins 'Trust Worthiest Insurance Institution' Title
China Post Insurance Wins 'Trust Worthiest Insurance Institution' Title2017-01-13

China Post Insurance won the "Trust Worthiest Insurance Institution" title in the recent 7th Brand Life·2016 Financial List sponsored by China Comment in Beijing. It is the second time that the company has won the prize since 2015, which confirms it has garnered high recognition among customers.

According to China Comment, China Post Insurance was praised by readers and netizens who participated in the campaign and voted in a three-month-long selection process.

China Post Insurance officials said that the company has followed the trends and laws in the insurance industry, established the strategic orientation of value growth and implemented development requirements in the industry, all of which has improved the quality and efficiency of the enterprise's development and enhanced its competitiveness.

China Post Insurance will continue to develop inclusive insurance services, allowing customers to enjoy more affordable, efficient and considerate services. 

(China Post)

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