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China Post Leaders Visit Holiday Production Line Workers
China Post Leaders Visit Holiday Production Line Workers2017-02-17

Practicing their commitment to business as usual during the recent Spring Festival, China Post transportation cadres and employees recently did what they could respond to holiday business boom.

Concerned about the staff's work and life, the company's leadership visited and expressed sympathy to production line workers.

General-Manager of China Post Group Li Guohua and Deputy General-Manager Lv Jiajin sent condolences to mail processing workers in the Beijing Postal Area Center Office on January 25, 2017.

Li affirmed the active measures China Post Beijing took in coping with the high amount of mail during Spring Festival and pointed out that the company had the responsibility to complete delivery tasks. He expressed his hope that postal staff continued to maintain a good state of mind, ensuring the safety of mail transportation and enhancing the brand image of the capital's post office.

A delegation led by Deputy General-Manager Kang Ning sent blessings to the postal staff at Beijing Central Post Office on January 23. Kang acknowledged the contributions postal couriers made to the development of the company and expressed his hope that staff of China Post Beijing worked together to ensure parcel deliveries.

"You have worked hard and contributed to the development of postal express mail services and logistics. Thanks for your efforts," Deputy General-Manager Li Xiong said to cadres and workers at the Beijing Postal Express & Logistics Co. Ltd. on January 20. Li encouraged everyone to take the initiative and make new achievements in the development of EMS.

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