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China Post to Combine Postal Finance with Rural E-commerce
China Post to Combine Postal Finance with Rural E-commerce2017-02-17

China Post recently issued guidance that the company would further integrate and develop postal finance and rural e-commerce, creating a "Postal Finance and Rural E-commerce" ecosystem.

According to the guidance, China Post should combine large postal finance customers and capital flow with rural e-commerce to implement integration and development. Postal finance will support e-commerce by providing convenient financial service tools and products.

At the same time, China Post will draw online and offline customers in the rural electronic business by preferential purchases and shopping outlet activities.

Postal finance will also connect together financial outlets and rural e-commerce supplier sites by carrying out public welfare activities.

The guidance requires Internet enabling of postal finance, promoting different postal financial services and help in overall transformation.

It also defined the integration mechanism for postal finance and rural e-commerce, and proposed the establishment of management, maintenance, assessment and selection mechanisms. 

(China Post)

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