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Hubei Official: Pick China Post First in Rural E-commerce
Hubei Official: Pick China Post First in Rural E-commerce2017-02-08

Feng Jing, a deputy to the Hubei Provincial People's Congress and minister of the economics working department at China Post Trade Union Hubei, submitted a proposal on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce and helping the rise of central Hubei at the Fifth Session of the Twelfth Hubei Provincial People's Congress held from January 15 to 21.

Feng suggested supporting China Post Hubei in constructing a rural e-commerce platform, and forming a two-way logistics channel where industrial products are transported to the countryside and agricultural products to urban areas.

"To develop rural e-commerce, we need to introduce outstanding enterprises and talents to rural areas, allocate funds to benefit farmers and ship agricultural products out for sale, promoting the logistics industry. As a state-owned enterprise, China Post assumes universal service obligations. It should be included in e-commerce development in rural areas and become the preferred cooperator for the government," Feng said.

"There are nearly 2,000 postal outlets and 20,000 shopping outlets in China Post Hubei, which together cover more than 80 percent of administrative villages. Its postal routes cover all villages, providing financial, express, rural e-commerce and other services, which has laid a good foundation for the development of rural e-commerce. Led by the China Post team, our work bringing resources to agricultural areas can be accomplished with half the effort," Feng added.

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