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China Post to Deepen Cooperation with China Tobacco
China Post to Deepen Cooperation with China Tobacco2017-02-23

China Post General-Manager Li Guohua discussed reform, transformation and development of State-owned enterprises and exchanged experiences with Ling Chengxing, general-manager of China National Tobacco Corp., on February 14.

Reviewing the effectiveness of cooperation over the past years, the two sides reached a consensus that China Post and China Tobacco can carry out deeper cooperation in more areas.

They reached a preliminary intention on future capital operations and other aspects of cooperation.

China Post and China Tobacco have extensive, in-depth cooperation in logistics distribution, fund collection and other areas. They signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2009.

"With the deepening of mutual trust, the support between China Post and China Tobacco has intensified in recent years. We started cooperation in tobacco sales, financial services for tobacco enterprises and tobacco farmer credit," Li said.

He especially expressed heartfelt thanks to China Tobacco for its support when Postal Savings Banks of China (PSBC) was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange last year.

Li described China Post's practical experience in reform and development, and said with confidence that China Post can provide better services to tobacco industry logistics, sales, enterprises and financial support for farmers.

"As an example of successful transformation of a State-owned enterprise, China Post has achieved remarkable results in recent years, which has been affirmed by State Council leaders," Ling Chengxing said. "China Tobacco hopes to adapt from China Post's experience in transformation, reform and development, exploring the joint stock system reform route," he added.

Ling expressed his hope that the two parties continue to increase cooperation in postal finance, tobacco distribution and other aspects, further studying cooperation in tobacco retailing and exploring cooperation in the field of logistics design and equipment.

China Post Vice General-Manager Zhang Ronglin and Vice Minister of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration Zhao Hongshun also attended the exchange. 

(China Post)

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