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Jiangxi Postman Deng Liulin Listed Among ‘Best Persons’
Jiangxi Postman Deng Liulin Listed Among ‘Best Persons’
| China Post |2017-03-17
Deng Liulin, a carrier at China Post Nanchang in east China’s Jiangxi Province, on the road to deliver mail. [China Post]

For his 18 years of carrying mail, Deng Liulin of the China Post Office in Nanchang, east China’s Jiangxi Province, was listed as one of “China’s Best Persons in February” by the China Civilization Network (wenming.cn) on March 3.

Born in February, 1973, Deng works outdoors more than 10 hours a day without recreation or holiday all year long.

He needs to service people in 60 villages and travels at least 60 kilometers every day by electric bicycle, while never complaining about working overtime.

Meiling Town in the western suburbs of Nanchang covers 56.4 square kilometers at an average altitude of 500 meters. After 18 years of work, Deng is familiar with mountain paths and insists on delivering mail into the hands of recipients despite bad weather.

On 10 consecutive days of rain and snow, the road to Meiling Town was a sheet of ice in the winter of 2008. To ensure the safety of traffic, a local traffic police group blocked the road, which caused a backlog of newspaper and mail.

Fearing that villagers would worry, Deng got up at 4 am, spent four hours fetching mail and returned to deliver it, even as he fell on muddy mountain roads.

“Well done! Great mail carrier! What you brought is not only letters but also love. Support you!” a netizen commented. “My neighbor Deng goes to work by bike before dawn every day regardless of the weather,” another online message read.

Deng is no longer an inexhaustible young man. Wrinkles can be seen on his forehead, but his intense emotion and enthusiasm to the work still remain unchanged. Walking through the tortuous road, Deng perseveres in his career, never feeling bitter or tired.

“Fellow men need me, and I like to serve them. I have a sense of accomplishment when crossing the mountains and delivering mail to their hands,” Deng said.


(China Post)

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