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China Post Praises Advanced Postal Financial Business Service Units
China Post Praises Advanced Postal Financial Business Service Units2017-03-04

China Post Group and its trade union jointly issued a decision to commend advanced units, collectives and outlets in a 2016 top national postal financial business services labor contest.

As the largest marketing recognition program, the awards have great significance in accelerating the transformation of postal finance.

Ten China Post provincial branches won the honorary title of top postal financial business services agencies. One hundred municipal branches won as outstanding advanced collectives and 1,000 county-level branches won as top outlets.

To ensure continued healthy development, China Post Group issued an opinion on the implementation of postal financial business services in 2016 and jointly launched the “Top 10, 100 Outstanding and 1,000 Best” labor contest with its trade union.

China Post branches nationwide planned various promotional activities, implemented integrated development and achieved rapid amplification, which lays a solid foundation for the reform and development of China Post.

The group will continue to hold the contest in 2017 to further promote the integration of its postal and financial services. 

(China Post)

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