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2017 Postcard Lottery Unveiled in S China
2017 Postcard Lottery Unveiled in S China2017-03-16

Gao Shuxun, a member of the Party leadership group of Yunnan Provincial People's Government, attended a large-scale public service activity to promote the 2017 Postcard Lottery in Kunming, south China’s Yunnan Province on March 10.

Themed “I love postcards and dancing in Yunnan”, the event publicized local tourism and folk culture at the opening of the lottery through interpreting postcard culture as a universal interactive public welfare activity.

Vice-General Manager of China Post Group Zhang Ronglin delivered a speech at the ceremony, noting that “postcards are blossoming in radiant splendor in many post offices, shopping malls and tourism attractions with their simple form, colorful content and practical functions”.

"We hope the event can combine Yunnan tourism culture with postcard culture, making postcards a unique window to display Yunnan to the world,” he said.

The 2017 Postcard Lottery has five types, including common cards, credit cards, greeting cards, reference cards and home letters. Every million cards make a lottery group, and each group is eligible for a first, second and third prize. Awards will be published at Ule.com. Winners can cash prizes from April 1 to June 30.

A Postcard Design Contest was also held during the lottery. After intense competition, three works won the gold prize in the professional group, five won gold prizes in the timed delivery group, and five won a gold prize in the public group.

(China Post)

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