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China Post Zhanggang Staff Praised for Good Deeds
China Post Zhanggang Staff Praised for Good Deeds
| China Post |2017-03-21

Zhang Xinmei, a villager in Zhanggang town of Central China's Hubei Province, and officials from the town government sent a letter of thanks to a supervisor at China Post Zhanggang on March 21, thanking Ding Fang, a staff member at the branch, for sending Zhang’s father, who fell and was hurt, to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Customers who were at the post office also turned up their thumbs to express their appreciation.

When paying a visit to the countryside, Ding saw a senior citizen suddenly fall and ran without any hesitation to help him on January 5.

The senior citizen, named Zhang Tianhao, planned to buy some articles for daily use in the town. Unluckily, he fell down on the road that became muddy and bumpy after rains. Zhang had large gashes on his hands that were bleeding.

After bandaging his hands roughly, Ding caught a cab and sent him to the hospital in the town.

After seeing the doctor, Ding provided a delicious meal for Zhang as well as a pair of new shoes.

After Zhang bought the articles he needed, Ding asked a taxi to send him home, which made the senior citizen deeply moved.

As the lyrics go, "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become more beautiful." Whether or not to reach out a hand when senior citizens fall? Ding Fang gave the best answer with her practical actions.

“It is a Chinese tradition to respect, love and support the elderly and to protect, educate and take good care of the young. It's human nature that one raises the elderly when they fall. I would do it again without hesitation if I encounter a similar situation in the future,” Ding said in an interview. 

(China Post)

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